We spend a day shooting and comparing it to S&W K frames and J Frames. Comparing the new Cobra to our Kimber K6s stubbies, though, the Kimbers are much better in terms of fit and finish and consistency and they both shoot, great. But the best news inside this article is the trigger pull. I have the original Colt Cobra Agent Aluminum Alloy 38, mfg in 1977. The Colt Cobra is a snubnose revolver, and is a lighter version of the Colt Detective Special. . I. It is June 27, 2017 and it is still not available anywhere. see fit to give us a longer ejection rod in atleast a 2 1/2 barrel shroud thatll positively shuck out the cases (better even than my K. Cobra)? It was like an afterthought for Colt to do something like that. Some of these vintage gems can be found in the Guns.com Vault. But theres no comparison. They Python, yes, hand polished, hand-fitted parts that worked like lubricated glass. It made a solid click when I press the cylinder into the gun and I rocked the cylinder left and right to make sure that it was locked up previous to shooting. The Nighthawk, hands down. This would never happen if they would have followed the original blueprints of hand fitting the action and the parts that cause the cylinder to rotate such as the Paul and everything else that goes into making a revolver revolve. Ill probably be investing my money in a kimber k6s. How about a Smith and Wesson level of fit and finish, guys? Thanks but, no thanks. Could it have beed dressed up a bit more? Rifle, Savage 22 Cal. Heck, my old Trooper Mk. As Col. Sam Colt wrote, Be not afraid of man or beast, that walks beneath the skies When danger threatens, call on me and I will equalize!, Sincerely, Springfield XP-9 Cal 9MMX19 in Case, Colt Python 357 Magnum Revolver, Winchester Model 12 12 Ga., Winchester Model 70, 30Gov't06 Cal., Browning Over/Under Citori, 12 Ga., 1871 Remington Rolling Block Rifle, Eclipse Double Barrel 12 Ga., Marlin 30-30 Cal. I think I'll wait on a .357 variant. Some of their best now work at Standard Mfg./Connecticut Shotgun. The fit and finish was outstanding and the trigger pull (SA and DA) was a glass-rod dream. Intro NEW Colt Python: WHY IT'S A "NO-GO" Gun News & Reviews 68.7K subscribers Subscribe 101K views 1 year ago in 2020, Colt re-released an 'updated' version of the classic Python revolver. Yall dont live in real life. The trigger pull needed some work. The new Cobra (l.) sports a stainless steel frame whereas the original was aluminum. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com), Classic Browning Light Twelve Auto-5 Review: Busting Clays With the Old Humpback Shotgun. Avoid the temptation to replace everything on your brand-new 1911 just to make it "better". As far as Im concerned Night Hawk might as well be make believe. And I thought the K6 was vaporware too until last week. Nobody has cried about price yet though i may have to scroll down more. Quick and powerful, it every bit lives up to its namesake. The new Cobra sports a Hogue OverMolded grip. Not meant to disparage, but to point out that the downgrade Troopr looks a lot nicer than the new Cobra. Like the 6 rounds. It stood alone not only in Colts line at that time, but in American mass-production gunmaking at that time. Substantial recoil but not uncomfortable recoil. In comparison a competitor in the Taurus 38, the Taurus grips resulted in no hand pain at all. New Colt King Cobra speedloader update Well I picked up one of these bad boys last night and ran a few hundred rounds through her. Still I did not mind that. My hope is that Colt does so and builds them with the same care and quality of the older Pythons, Anacondas and the like. We have used my 79 Dback in our Womens Intro classes in the past and it does better than do the K frames- shorter trigger reach. The trigger guard of the new Colt King Cobra, like those of the new Cobra and Night Cobra, looks as though the gun was dropped on it. Leather, nylon, or Kydex holsters, it doest matter; youre going to get finish wear. This is not John Waynes revolver it is a modern work of art! And with 7 shots? The SP101 is one hell of a gun. Actually, the Boys in Brazil are cranking out some really nice stuff nowadays. I was able to find a DeSantis belt holster and a speed loader without much effort that seemed to be made for the Cobra. If you're worried about problems with the new Colt Python, be like the rest of us and wait for the bugs to get worked out before you go out and buy one. Upon inspection of the insides of the Cobra, it became apparent that this was a complete redesign. In fact, that last conglomeration resembles a sentence only because it has period at the end. Sorry for the bad news. In either case, our data indicates that the new Python hasn't impacted the demand for the original. A year before I saw one and the next day it was gone. I have Dreamed of owing one. Not too light nor too heavy. For how long we will see. Colt's King Cobra is reincarnated for 2019 as the 6-Shot .357 Magnum big brother of the Colt Cobra Double Action revolver. GOOD ARTICLE!I have the 3.8Det. They kept the same good looks but modernized the internals. . A Colt king cobra with a high gloss polish stainless steel finish two and a quarter maybe two and a half inch barrel I cant remember Ill have to open the safe and look at the Box but I have to agree with you its only a six shot 357 Magnum but it is sexy with original Pachmayr grips. The Hogue OverMolded grips were nicely adorned with the Colt emblem embossed on each side of them. S&W 617 vs. Colt King Cobra Target .22. The problem was that she used jacketed round nose, because that was all she had at the moment. Related Tags: A Cold War era classic with smooth lines, a legendary back story, and an exotic-sounding name, Beretta's Model 71 was definitely a mouse that roared. The IWI Galil ACE Full Review, US Responds to Russians After Shooting Down Syrian Fighter Jet: We will not hesitate to defend ourselves. Im very happy Colt brought this back and frankly I wish they would bring back ALL their old revolvers (same for S&W). I have gone to carrying the S&W J-Frames. Anyone who wants a small (concealed carry) revolver can choose from Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Taurus, Charter Arms, and probably more. All Rights Reserved, Original Cobras were produced from 1950 to 1981. I would love to see a stainless king cobra high polish gloss stainless steel with a two and a half two and three quarter inch barrel offer with original Pachmayr grips. Before they stopped making revolvers they made a Lawman (.357 mag) with a 2 barrel. Not so great for my ex-large hand. The original snake guns from Colt were high-polish, hand fitted masterpieces. Dont make them generally available. Just be glad that another 1911, Glock or AR hasnt been created. The .357 Magnum cartridge in a compact, lightweight package can be punishing. I used to have a colt cobra back in the day as a backup gun and it was a very accurate gun and very reliable. I had to leave it there when I rotated as this type of thing, along with ammo, disarmed hand grenades, M16s and disassembled M60s were sneaking out of country on a regular basis. Tauruss biggest thing going for it is that they are affordable. A. by Chris Bird. I agree with the writer of this story on what the quality of these guns is probably going to be or their lack of. In all I may try one when the price becomes more reasonable. While the gun world seems to be all about the automatic pistol these days and I have some nice shooting autosI do love me some revolver. Optic Ready Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0. As I looked the gun over, I realized that Colt must have come to believe that their customers are actually adults, as the gun had no key lock, nor were there endless admonishments to read the instruction manual (and avoid running with scissors) inscribed on the gun. A target load of a 148-grain wadcutter at 700 fps offers excellent accuracy. How dare you disparage the trooper mkiii its the poor mans python and I love mine 6 in barrel and adjustable sights its a tac driver. Colt wanted to use the trigger of the Python as the baseline for what it wanted in the new Cobra. So who will see it? . And at a price shipped of $580 was a darn deal. Gun looks like a Charter Arms product. In double action mode the trigger is smooth, and in single action mode the break is crisp and clean. Youd have to go back to the pre-Depression double guns of Parker, Fox, et al, and some custom-orders from Winchesters custom shop prior to WWII. Also, what is with the take off on Pachmyer grips? I was just looking at an Enhanced Internal Diagram of the new Cobra. KING COBRA 357 MAGNUM. I know Colt is a weird company when it comes to selling Firearms they want to only deal with authorized Colt dealers only. That was the shortest part of the article and didnt seem to be central at all. Dont jump right in and try to replicate the Python, just come out with the King in an excellent polish/blue 6 barrel configuration. Colt didnt think this out too well. Im a woman and I love this revolver. A buddy bought a new Colt King Cobra 3" when they first came out. Was a lot easier to conceal than the S&W model 10 with 5 barrel. The market is already absolutely saturated with striker fired polymer wonder 9s. I believe the exact opposite to be true. Colt CAN make high end firearms, their latest 45/70 custom Gatling gun and BAR 3006 semi auto version are works of art. And Colt still missed the mark with the design. He is right about the Bulldog having no competition at the moment. Lets hope Colt ups the finish quality a bit, too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Its nice to see Colt woke up and is back in the game. Here, here. Every cowboy needs a revolver. Very very smooth revolver. Although introduced at SHOT Show 2019, the Colt King Cobra revolver traces its lineage all the way back to 1908 with the launch of the Colt Police Positive. The S&Ws rotate out of the window. The success of the Cobra saw Colt bring two more of its iconic revolvers out of retirement. If we see the type of success with this model that we hope to see, it will be an easy transition for us to expand on the theme and develop additional models that will appeal to other customers. As much as it pains me to say this however what they need is a Glock contender. Definitely worth checking out. ALL of the parts for the Cobra are contracted out and made off site, they are just assembled at the factory. If that was the real reason Colt made this gun in 38 Special, I think it[s beyond ridiculous!! I bought a Colt Cobra back in 1965 when I heard I was going to `nam. I have pictures of handgun. EDC, The Cobra holds 6-rounds, one more than many revolvers the same size. Colt made the right call on the finish, anyway. The finish on the original Cobra was rather utilitarian by comparison to the Python. Hardly bigger than a S&W 640-1 but has a little more barrel and 6 rounds instead of 5. It was clearly the gun I remembered seeing at the 2017 Shot Show (click this link to see our coverage from SHOT Show 2017). The King Cobra fits between a S&W K frame and a J frame in size. Yea, the Cobra version of the Mustang II was a cruel joke on wheels, a cartoon car. 395K. The cylinder is going to get worn to shit because Colt didn't take the effort to have it drop in the recesses. However, the bright side of this is that making a single-action trigger pull cleaner and lighter is a whole lot easier (especially with the Python) than doing the same to the DA. I stopped buying 38s years ago and Ill tell you why. Nightwood Guns 9.57K subscribers Subscribe 60K views 2 years ago Keep the content flowing on Patreon!. Why are you so sensitive about this? This revolver is of the same quality as a Taurus 85. The finger-tip on that cylinder advance lever looks a bit DAINTY. Concealed Carry, Has the shrouded ejector (making it the 2nd edition). Revolvers, I must of missed something because that doesnt look healthy. I believe that if Colt can get their act straightened up this would be a good run for them. That changed this year when Colt reintroduced a newly redesigned Cobra. Colt has made it clear that this is the First offering. Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC A few. Third, and here is the big one, why not offer it in .327 Federal Magnum with a 6 round cylinder? I hope the Cobra fares better. There are reports that hundreds of guns have been affected by these issues causing a quiet recall to take place on these 2020 Colt . I agree with you that would have been a much better plan of attack. A. In my admittedly limited experience with various revolvers, the only one Ive personally experienced that locked up (and not in the good revolverish way) was a colleagues Taurus. Ive lost count of the Colt, Rugers, and S&Ws Ive owned over the years. The combination of the grip angle and rubber grip makes shooting controllable and comfortable. The trigger is absolutely horrible. Not sure if they still do it but the price was over $570 how to redo the finish on a 6in Colt Python royal blue but when we received it back it was absolutely amazing but still very expensive. Shame they cant put the same effort into reviving their revolver line. Q. So if Colt can do this with a new production gun, I say bring back the 4" and 6" Python and give us another . mainspring gives the trigger its characteristic Colt "stacking" feel, in homage to the original D-Frames that the new Cobra traces its roots to. As you know, the original Cobra shares its heritage with the Colt Detective Special, and the new Cobra draws upon the same lineage. The first six rounds through the gun were impressive; the double-action pull seemed to roll predictably. Self-Defense. Following your click, you would see an option labeled "Serial Number Lookup.". Thunderjet. Im not sure how many are planned to be released, but according to the rep it is a special low quantity release.. Email me and I can forward pictures,,, I was looking to buy a Colt Cobra any information would be helpful. Perhaps Batman as well. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There still are some jigs that survive at the East Hartford plant in the testfire area but they look rusted beyond salvation. So I love my semi-autos and my VEPR in 7.62 x 54r but for a revolver newbie, which is the market think Colt is addressing, this one is a winner. Rather than a smoothly swept oval, the trigger guard. I wonder if Colt will decide to sell this in California. The Anaconda & Diamondback blued revolvers had a pretty nice finish, but it was just a reasonable polish-n-blue job. Had my dear ol grey haired Mother ship it to me as soon as I had an firm address. Colt didnt quite get the SF stainless series trigger right- I have a DS-II thats no better than okay, and the Magnum Carry I had was better but not sensational. You could shrink the height and width a. Think they wasted a lot of effort on a gun that probably wont sell good. , rifling 1/14 LH twist. This is Colts first time wading into DA/SA revolver market in over a decade. Additionally the reason their triger pulls are all over the map is no one left at Colt has any in-depth revolver tuning knowledge. Will wood grips for previous Colt models fit? Since the department required we carry a S&W or Colt revoler. Only the Python and the custom shop got the extraordinary level of attention that the author is thinking of here. Many other guns in the same size category hold only five rounds. Workmanship is unsurpassed. I had a Colt King Cobra in 357 Magnum a Colt Anaconda in 45 Long Colt and a couple of Colt pythons 1 in 4 inch 1 in 6 inch. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com), The fixed rear sight and front red fiber optic. As for the old Detective Specials: The success of the Cobra saw Colt bring two more of its iconic revolvers out of retirement. First revolver since my 1932 Nagant, which, sniggers aside, was a fun little gun and just funky enough to enjoy at the range. Keep up the good work. 3 Revolvers are Pure Sex. Or is this their last-ditch effort at trying to make a buck off of something that seems to be poorly put together with a finish that you can get on a Taurus. I may take it with me. A big part of the DA revolver market is small frame, and that market is full of high-powered, lightweight models. The smooth feel of the trigger pull was matched only by the exquisite exterior finish. It will be interesting to see what Colt does next. COLT (In Stock) 0.0. https://www.colt.com/Catalog/Revolvers/Cobra, https://www.gunsamerica.com/Search.aspx?Keyword=Colt%20cobra, An Israeli .308 AK? Mine too! So one of the guns locked up at range day. I was thinking .44 spl. Colts double action / single action system has been perfected over the years and this trigger benefits from their experience. And this one froze so bad it was rendered a paperweight on one of the brands most important days of the year? Posts: 787. So, why would anyone choose this revolver over other offerings? After steel, I will never go back to aluminum, as I like the weight. It will fit in a box 7.2 inches x 4.9 inches x 1.4 inches. For starters, parts were built from 410-series steel, which is stronger than what was used on previous versions. groups within a 2-inch circle at defense distances with no problem in single-action. The IWI Galil ACE Full Review, Previous post: US Responds to Russians After Shooting Down Syrian Fighter Jet: We will not hesitate to defend ourselves, Your email address will not be published. An all steel 38sp works for me because I can still hang on to the gun. I know every reviewer uses this stupid line, but it shoots like a dream. Some new Colt Python problems have been widely discussed online, including heavy single action triggers and a cylinder issue covered by Youtubers like Hickok45, but Colt has taken steps to address the concerns. Additionally Colt isnt even accepting old Pythons back to the factory for repair because A) They are out of most of the partsand more importantly B) Most if not all of the Colt employees who could actually time them are gone. YES WHY DONT THAY MAKE THE COLT 38 LEFT HANDED?????? I dont care for j-frames because of capacity and weight there arent enough bullets and the j is just 15 oz. Never was much of a Colt lover but wish I had scooped up more of those unpopular snake guns in the 90s when you literally couldnt give them away. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com). Cylinder lock-up? In 2017 the costs are totally reversed, and hand-fitting would make the new Cobra a $2,000.00+ gun instead of a $699.00 gun. The new Colt Cobra is actually an updated Detective Special with a fiber optic front sight. Required fields are marked *. It may not be the people in Miami who have the communication problem. hand. For full auction info and info on other online ammo & sporting goods auctions visit www.paauctioncenter.com. After a 36-year hiatus, and to much fanfare, Colt brought back the Cobra in 2017. I just picked mine up and the trigger pull is 9 lb 13 oz in double action and 4 lb 7 oz in single action. If you look at the cost to produce a hand fitted finished American made shotgun your upwards of 3 to 4K. Give us a grip option with more meat in the web area just behind the hammer (like my K.Cobra). If a gun that was specially prepped and pampered by Colt failed, how many of the ones shipped to their distributors that did *not* get that special love and care are likely to fail? I dont see anyone reducing the price of Colts. The new Colt King Cobras are guilty of slide plate screw misalignment, sticky ejector, trigger spring/ hammer issue, long trigger reset and double action problems. Come on Colt with the Pythons already We want new Pythons. 38 is a bit light for a defensive caliber. I hope to take it to my favorite dealer, and or call Colt to see if it needs to be sent for a check and repair, which I need to learn is an OK thing to do and more than worth the investment of time, work, and possible be free repair, if it even warrants the need for repair. RE: Mustang II that was my exact thought! Its just a drag when a company comes out with something new, particularly an icon, and its nothing but complaining for the most part. Youve got to be out of your mind if you think theyre going to come out with a super-fancy, high-end revolver right off the bat, after filing bankruptcy. The rear is a groove milled into the topstrap of the frame. New Colt King Cobra Target Doesn't Work. When. I have had several of the lightweight Smith-Wesson revolvers. In single-action our test model's trigger broke consistently at 4 lbs., 1 oz., with no grittiness or take-up. Im pretty sure that particular model has been out for quite a few years. Please dont tell me this is what you think people want. Does anyone think that they will continue Manufacturing the snake gun series into the king cobra anaconda and python? isododecane natural alternative, allplants advert actress,
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