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There are many service options for your Candela Gentlelase, Candela GentleYag, Candela Gentle Mini, Candela GentleYag mini, and Candela Vbeam repair and maintenance. This is probably the most competitive product to service in the industry Merit Laser Services provides high-quality repair at lower prices and only replaces what is needed.

Many companies quote very low prices to get in the door for your laser service only to charge very high prices for unseen repairs when they arrive. We try to quote as close as possible from the information given by the customer and the error codes provided by the equipment. Merit Laser Services will also quote the worst-case scenario before we arrive so there are no surprises. We stock all parts required for repairs and do our best to come to your place of business with all parts needed for even the worst case so you can be back to making money with your Candela equipment.

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