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Any repair or preventive maintenance with Merit Laser Services will fully be transparent in the breakdown of all failures and operational issues you may encounter with your system. Merit Laser Services teaches laser operators about usage and how to help to prevent future failures. If your current medical laser repair technician cannot or will not provide this information, we recommend you consider using Merit Laser Services.

The cost of purchasing new equipment can be very high. Every piece of equipment we sell is well serviced in-house by Merit Laser Services before being sold. To ensure a high level of quality, we make sure that the equipment meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications. We understand that today's market demands efficiency. And we are here to help you achieve it. We believe in providing our customers with machines that are new and at a fraction of the cost of the new machine.

has a very wide range of aesthetic lasers and cosmetics lasers on the market which require specialized knowledge to repair and maintain. The Lightsheer, Ultra Pulse CO2, and the Holmium are some of the top systems.

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